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Grey stones on the green grass (BG)
When we'll be know what we should know,
When we'll be believe only in that, in what not to believe is impossible,
We'll become intercontinental,
Our phones will be our friends.
All is right – that's our duty,
Our way to the golden blue.
But when all will go away, Lord, leave to me
Grey stones on the green grass.
When the storm was driving us into the house,
The wind was carrying those – those who are not for our eyes.
When the sky is above your head,
Is it easy you will tell who killed you, and who saved you?
The science is on your face,
The helicopters are in your head;
But after going out over the threshold, beware to tread
On grey stones on the green grass.
You know about what I sang,
Inflaming a fire;
You know about what I sang:
White swans are moving to the side of the earth...
We came to the fork, to us is nowhere forward;
To go backwards our honor won't allow us.
It's unclear what such as we are
Until now doing in such a backward place like here;
When you will perish in your mirrors,
Not after realizing that there are two roads,
I will stay to grieve until the sun comes up
Above alive stones in the green grass.

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